sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Joskus tenttikirjakin kolahtaa.

"Anxiety leads us to drop the mask of our everyday familiarity with the world. Anxiety makes everything of such little significance that even our own sense of self is lost. Anxiety is the recognition of a certain nothingness, a groundlessness in our existence. As Sartre will later describe it, anxiety leads us into a kind of vertigo where we literally have no ground beneath our feet. For Heidegger, this is not properly understood as a subjective psychological phenomenon, but a structural possibility of our existence which brings us face to face with the problematic nature of our lives and the meaning we attach to living. Anxiety is distinctive in its world-disclosing possibilities."

- Dermot Moran: Introduction to Phenomenology, s. 241 (Routledge 2000)

El Greco: Näkymä Toledosta (n. 1596-1600)

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